About Us

We are a bespoke hospitality consultancy focusing on tech powered solutions to modern day challenges. We work across a variety of brands and business models, our services include, but are not limited to: Ghost Kitchens Virtual Brands & Host Kitchens Virtual Reality Dining Server Robots Drone Delivery Operational systems & integrations Supply Chain & Procurement and more... Our proprietary #getSMART tech solutions & integrations are revolutionising the way the fast food industry. We ask the question...as a fast food restaurant owner why would you need a traditional shop front anymore? Forget about being held hostage by unreliable staff.

Forget about being held hostage by unreliable staff. Forget about complicated menus, unreliable systems & inefficient training. Have customers use a touch screen or QR code on premises or online or mobile app before arriving to order. Place food into #smartLOCKERS. No more buzzers, no more yelling out names or orders, no more confusion, mixed orders, cold food, hot drinks - none of the above... Customers are notified on their mobile device, scan their unique bar code to access warm food, chilled drinks & seem-less convenience. Now THAT'S the future, that's SMART!

Modern kitchen. Cooks prepare meals on the stove in the kitchen of the restaurant or hotel. The fire in the kitchen

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