Bella & Pudu are our server bots who will elevate your in-store dining experience and customer satisfaction to another level!

Even if the change does not seem imminent, industry experts such as FORTUNE have stated that “robots will replace 40% of jobs in the next 15 years”.

#AI and advanced technology expect that processes will become smarter, and machines will be more humanized in the near future, for now we can embrace the power of machine learning, it’s time to say hello to our server bots who are ready to transform your on-premises customer experience.

For less than $33 per day* you might want to consider letting one of our SERVICE BOTS join your front of house, customer service team.
Fully customisable, easily programmable, reliable and bringing hospitality into the 21st century.

With so many staff shortages, changing isolation requirements & confusion it's time to consider long term options & solutions rather than more band aids & crossing your fingers and hoping for
the best.

If you'd like more information or to see how our fleet of SERVICE BOTS can help your business for less than $33 per day.

Autonomous waiter robot working in restaurant, Artificial intelligence 5G technology concept
robot waiter serving food in a restaurant