The Ultimate Guest Companion

Increase revenue, and decrease operational headaches with a smart digital concierge

The unrelenting pace of hotels can sometimes provide little time to optimise service delivery. Hotefy provides an efficient way to present guests with what they need immediately, while reducing costs, increasing revenue, and increasing guest satisfaction.

Increase revenue with ordering that just works

Increase revenue with ordering that just works

ncrease overall happiness of guests and staff

Increase overall happiness of guests and staff

Efficiently connect with guests on a new level

Efficiently connect with guests on a new level


Templates, QRs, and much much more..

Grow Your Revenue with these Connected Solutions

Reduce operational impact by managing guest mobile orders right from your POS. Some solutions require purchasing the POS Add On to connect your POS/PMS. If your POS/PMS is not listed please contact us here.

Hotefy Integrations


Hoteltime Solutions

HotelTime offers state of the art, cloud based solutions to the hospitality industry with an emphasis on providing excellent customer service. Our cloud-based systems are currently running in more than 500 hotels and restaurants in 11 countries world-wide. Connect your Hotefy solution to Hoteltime Ventos POS at no addition cost.



Meet the hotel management software that’s revolutionizing the industry. A cloud-based, integrated platform to grow revenue faster, streamline operations, and deliver memorable guest experiences. Trusted by thousands of properties worldwide Sign up and receive a $50 credit courtesy of Hotefy! Increase Direct Bookings by 20% Connect to 300+ Built-in Channels.


Oracle Micros

Oracle MICROS provides stable, reliable, and secure point of sale (POS) systems for restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, stadiums, arenas, cruise ships, transportation hubs, and retail stores around the globe.


NCR Aloha

From Aloha POS, Aloha Mobile POS and self-ordering kiosks, to guest and table management, kitchen production and payment processing, you can ensure speed, accuracy and ease of use with our POS systems—built by people who know restaurant operations inside and out.


H & L

H&L POS has been at the forefront of technology in the hospitality and food and beverage industry for over 30 years. We provide Point of Sale, Back of House, and a fully-integrated suite of hospitality solutions.



Raptor Point of Sales (POS) was designed to be quick and easy to use. The POS / Point of Sales interface screens are carefully designed so that all type of transactions will take the minimum number of screen touches. For instance, a bartender would only require only two key presses to sell a beer to a guest at the bar.



Impos POS software is designed to suit a range of hospitality business types, from cafes and restaurants and bars to multi-site restaurant groups and national service organisations. For more than 10 years they have been providing fast and reliable POS software and hardware to Australian venues.


Starrtec Solutions

Modern Point of Sale Solutions for Australian Hospitality, Retail, and More. With features such as configurable kitchen printing, online table reservations, flexible promotions, comprehensive inventory management and staff rostering, you’ll be in command of your entire team.

square logo


Square restaurant POS system is built for front of house, back of house, and speed. From menu management to coursing, every tool helps your team move faster.




Stripe connects multiple payment methods to your bank account with next business day payouts. Click the logo to sign-up for a free Stripe account and connect it to your menu.


Apple Pay

iPhone users can one-touch pay from your menu for faster order time. Included with Stripe.


Google Pay

One-click payments via Google Pay right from your menu. Included with Stripe.



Connecting Ksher to your Hotefy guest app allows your Hotel to take guest payments by international and Thai credit cards, Prompt Pay, Thai and Chinese Wallets. Guests can order and pay, direct from their mobile for Thai Pass Packages, Travel Together Packages, SPA, Tours and F&B.


QR Solutions

Pay by QR solutions are available in almost every country. Upload your payment QR Code and let guests pay using a local payment gateway or wallet. Please chat with us to find out our recommended solutions in your country.




Our Facebook integration grows your social media audience right from your menu. Guests can order directly from your Facebook Business page by adding the Start Order button and share your menu with your friends. Add your Facebook Pixel to re-market your dine-in guests with your takeaway and delivery products.



Add your menu as link-in-bio to start taking orders. No need to pay for another link solution, simply add your website or any business link to the front page of your menu. Click the image to see how we do it on our own Instagram page…why not give a follow while you’re there?


Google Maps

Get found on Google Maps! Add your menu link so guests can order directly. Manage your own delivery orders through our Google Maps integration which finds their location directly from your menu. Large venue or delivering orders to large outdoor areas? Guests can send you their exact location so your staff and promptly drop off their order.



TikTok is the worlds fastest growing social media platform. The biggest users are your staff and your guests. Get them to create content for your venue to grow your audience organically. Add your menu link to your TikTok bio and start taking more orders. Not sure how? Ask us!




Take orders right from WhatsApp. Add your menu link to your welcome message on your Whatsapp account. Click the logo to find out how. Add a WhatsApp button to your menu to start interacting with guests. Ask us how!



Add your menu link as an auto-response on your Facebook Page’s Messenger button. Click the logo for instructions. Add a Messenger button to your menu. Add a Guest Type then paste in your Messenger URL. Click here to find your unique Facebook Messenger URL. Reach out if you need assistance.



Add your menu link to your welcome message on the Line-App (may require a premium Line account). Click the logo for more information. Add a button to your menu so guests can chat with you on Line. Ask us how!


Hotefy Chat

The Hotefy Chat (Beta) comes included with our concierge ordering solution.